Thursday, October 16, 2008


ok i know.

I have a new blog and I'm about to close this blog.

see you there.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

ice cream toast.

let see where do i start?

the other day went to tasik permaisuri to play chess.
cis sudah kalah dua kali.

oh oh kak nor gave birth to baby girl sarah dania.
heni gave birth to baby boy arif darius.and yes i dont know whats the meaning of darius?hik.

oh u guys shud go to kepong taman metropolitan.wah metropolitan okay.
the place i tell you, u can go baring baring and play kites.and people watch.
and then people watch you back.and phewit you.tee hee hee.
i think i wanna go there and picnic.

oh have i told you that, tasik shah alam got lots and lots of pokok to climb?
i will try to climb one day, bila takdak orang.i think that is when hari raya.

i went and see my counselor just know.hik she gave me her phone number whereby she cant do that because of the procedure i think.but she gave me and told me not to tell anyone.
and i like her, she told me she like me on our second appointment.and i was like, what u dont like me on our first appointment meh?

there's this guy, who sang to me thru phone while played guitar makes me wanna weep.
first time yo.

and yeah oh my god.shah got new happy if he's happy.
i think i miss him.he once said to everyone, one day everybody will miss me, especially true.isk.

what else?
oh god i think i started to hate kids now.but not nabil,sarah dania, aisy thaqifa, afif ikhwan, ariff darius, naurah and naufal and mimi.
wont elaborate about that.maybe later.

kak inn, if u are reading this, i think i kinda miss you.

have a good weekend.

gossip tak baik untuk anda.
go play kites much better.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

hawa wewe

last 2 days ago, met with's been so long since we had our boobies session together.hawa is actually my bestie in sekolah teknik.

and she told me she just bought slr camera.

and yeah i started to hate her 2 days ago.

went to her home and tried her new baby.the girlfriend.
oh yes i look sexy with the camera.

she bought the girlfriend for rm900, 3 kali bayar.hows that? haha.

the girlfriend tuh i yang bagi nama.


Monday, March 03, 2008

kasut kayu

quick update.

the mektok kecik itu masuk asrama.she's 16 now.

the other day my mom told me about how she went and bau baju budak kecik itu.

and i was like,

dulu masa angah masuk asrama mak bau baju angah masa mak windu angah tak?

yeah you know the answer.i wont tell.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

padang bola hands are shaking when am about to write this entry.

sorry for the long hiatus.kinda feel akward to write back.

but will be back soon, fret not.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

when someone told u not to write certain certain words or certain stories in you OWN blog, that is simply annoying.

because a blog is your own place where you write stuff that you hate most, stuff that makes u mad, in other way blog is a place where u express yourelf.

i just hate people told me what to do or what not to do.enough is enough.
i am a big girl myself and i know what is best for me although there are times when i cant think properly, but let me make my own mistakes.

so goodbye for now.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

poetry and songs

bile semua org nak ada resolutions so do me jugakllah.

i think my resolutions for next year is to learn as much as possible.yup that is.

shut up lah yew if u think mine are like some sort of stupid resolution.

dont feel like blogging.feel like going home and sleep and snooze the fucking alarm button.

got headache tapi ignore.not ignore, i took panadol but the headache seems like wants to stay there.sigh.